Writing Classes Online

Are you interested in a career as a writer? Do you want to hone your writing skills? Enrolling in an online writing class may prove beneficial for people like you who dream of becoming a writer.

Although advantageous, you do not necessarily need to have majored in English, Literature or Liberal Arts in order to enter the writing profession. These days, there are online classes to suit your needs whether you are interested in improving your skills in journalistic, business, technical or creative writing. These writing classes are ideal, no matter the level of writing experience. Whether you already have some experience and would like to perfect your craft, or have little to no experience and would like to learn the basics, you will have no difficulty finding an appropriate writing class online.

Of course, some individuals would probably be more suited to the learning environment provided by brick and mortar academic institutions, especially those who work better with the rigid schedule and face-to-face interaction found in a classroom setting. But for many, online learning presents its benefits. An online class will allow you to study at a time and place that is convenient for you. Compared to traditional classroom settings, enrolling in writing programs offered online can prove to be more economical.

The first thing you should do is determine exactly what you want to get out of an online writing course. Then, when searching for a writing school or writing workshop, pay particular attention to websites or forums dedicated to writing and writers to obtain the information and feedback you need from like-minded users. Take note of your options and narrow them down by examining the course descriptions and curriculum, teacher credentials and requirements. The best online writing classes are the ones that provide feedback, which will allow you to determine your weaknesses, and therefore, work on them.

Online Classes for Aspiring Writers

  • Stanford University, through its Continuing Studies program, features the Online Writer’s Studio. The online creative writing courses are taught by instructors from Stanford’s writing community, and are presented in a clear, straightforward format and contain the elements that students look for in a class. These include writing lessons and exercises, and feedback from experienced instructors and fellow students. The writing courses are ideal whether a student is just starting to write, or finishing up their novel. Students will benefit from sharing their work with an eclectic community of writers from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and writing styles. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that each student receives the individual attention they need. Some of the online creative writing courses are: Creative Nonfiction: Telling Your Story; Humor Writing; That’s a Great Idea for a Movie: The Making of a Strong Screenplay; and, The Writing Habit: Tools for Learning to Write Every Day.
  • Gotham Writers’ Workshop, the leading private creative writing school in New York City and online, presents workshops in more than a dozen forms of writing, including fiction, poetry, memoir, fantasy, sci-fi, business and travel writing. All of the teachers are professional writers and professional teachers who are experts at teaching their craft. Gotham workshops teach participants the craft and provide the structure of assignments and deadlines that get them writing. The online writing classes are restricted to 18 or fewer students to ensure that each participant receives personal attention and rigorous feedback from their instructor. Gotham writing classes are interactive workshops with extensive communication between the students and their instructor, which recreates the inspiring experience of Gotham’s live writing workshops.