Tax Classes Online

There are available tools and resources online that can help you learn how to file taxes. You can take tax classes online which are offered by various organizations. Some are even offered for free.

Undergoing the proper education and training to become a certified public accountant has its benefits, and is usually the route taken by many to become a tax preparer. However, with the help of a few organizations that offer tax preparation online classes, you can learn how to prepare taxes in as little as 30 days.  These types of courses help individuals to achieve their goals, whether it is to learn to prepare their own taxes, transition into a new career preparing taxes, or to increase the value of the services they provide to clients. Online tax preparation courses offer the convenience and flexibility of learning to prepare taxes at your own pace and in your free time.

There are quite a few tax preparation courses offered online and choosing one depends on your own needs, budget and plans for the future. There are many free online tax preparation classes which are ideal if you want to learn how to prepare and file your own taxes. However, if you are planning to seek a job as a professional tax preparer or open your own practice, free online classes may not provide you with the sufficient education and training required for entry into the field. You will need to consider the content and cost of the online courses available.

A number of online tax schools have emerged to provide individuals like you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a tax preparer.

Online Tax Schools

  • Jackson Hewitt Tax School is the educating and training arm of one of the largest tax preparation companies, Jackson Hewitt. The school allows individuals to take online classes and learn at their own pace by providing 24/7 access to resources and materials. Students can receive test scores immediately and get valuable feedback from an instructor. There are courses to fit the needs of an aspiring tax preparer. Beginners can start by taking the Basic Tax Preparer Course, and experienced individuals who want to expand their knowledge and skills can take the Intermediate and Advanced Tax Courses. Students who wish to continue with their studies can transfer the credits earned with the Jackson Hewitt Tax School to the University of Phoenix.
  • Liberty Tax School is operated by Liberty Tax Service. It is an IRS-approved continuing education provider. It offers the Basic Income Tax online classes that educate the public about the latest tax changes, and every facet of individual income tax preparation. The curriculum is designed to cover the fundamentals of basic income tax preparation, such as schedules, credits and forms that can be filed with an individual tax return.
  • The Tax College uses proprietary tax software to provide students with tax preparation training, from the basic to the advanced level. The free online income tax course, written by practicing professionals, is designed to give students the skills required to help them successfully prepare tax returns professionally, even with no previous experience. Successful completion of the online course yields a certificate which signifies readiness to enter the field of professional tax preparation.