Spanish Classes Online

Do you want to learn to speak Spanish? The online learning approach can be beneficial for you as you endeavor to learn a foreign language.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, it is now possible to learn a wide variety of subjects without having to step foot in a traditional college classroom. Learning Spanish, or other languages for that matter, has never been as easy as it is now. Whether you need to be able to speak conversational Spanish for travel purposes, or you want to be fluent in the language for business or personal enrichment, there are online Spanish classes to meet your need or level of knowledge of the language.

Learning Spanish online provides the convenience of studying on your free time and at your own pace. You don’t need to rush to get to daily or weekly scheduled classes and some lessons can be replayed in case you don’t grasp them fully the first time around. Some online classes are conducted by live instructors online through VOIP programs such as Skype, which may be preferred by those who still want some face-to-face guidance by an instructor. Others allow you to watch multimedia video and audio recordings, and provide online reading materials. Those who are looking for economical options can find a plethora of free Spanish online classes.

Don’t know the first thing about the Spanish language? You don’t need to feel embarrassed about showing up in class and bungling every word you’ll be made to say in front of the whole class. You can look online for Spanish lessons for beginners to suit your needs.

Online Spanish Language Schools

  • Oregon State University Ecampus offers Spanish Online. Students who complete first and second year Spanish will be able to use the alphabet, spell words, and pronounce words correctly; learn vocabulary to sustain basic conversation; express dates and times; use verbs in the present tense; understand more fully the cultural orientation of an assortment of Hispanic communities and identify the similarities and differences from the various communities we belong to; converse about climate, geography, family, traditions, leisure, etc.; and, write about topics using grammar and syntactical structures introduced in learning material. Other online Spanish courses: Contemporary Latin American Culture; Spanish for Healthcare Professions; Advanced Spanish Grammar; Intermediate Writing Skills; Spanish Language through Culture; Directed Reading and Writing in Spanish; and, Mexican Immigrant Experience in the United States.
  • is an online Spanish school that offers one-to-one Spanish classes online that will help students learn quickly and conveniently. Students can expect to learn with the help of university-educated instructors specialized in teaching Spanish online; an academic director to supervise their program; a student services coordinator to help them coordinate their program; a unique and proven methodology; a 180-chapter course book; over 500 additional videos and audios; regular testing; an online campus to help them organize their course; and, the option to study abroad at a partner school in Peru.