Photography Classes Online

Are you fascinated with photography? Do you want to learn how to take great photos and develop your photo editing skills? There are online photography classes that can teach you what you want and need to know.

One of the best ways to improve your photography skills is to enroll in a photography class online. Whether your goal is to take great photos as a hobby, to earn extra income or open your own photography studio or business, online classes are available for all types and facets of photography. The good news about online photography classes is you will still be able to attend to your commitments, such as work, school or family, while studying photography.

Of course, the classes you choose should depend on what your end goal is. A basic photography course will suffice for beginners, but those who want to become professional photographers should look for professional photography courses. The cost of photography classes will vary from free webinars and tutorials to courses that can cost upwards of one thousand dollars.

Online photography degrees are also available from some of the top photography schools.

Best Online Photography Schools

  • The Academy of Art University Online School of Photography is one of the preeminent photography schools in the United States. The school’s forward reaching curriculum is designed to teach students the required skills in the field to help them succeed. Students are encouraged to develop their individual styles, and are coached to create powerful portfolios that demonstrate their unique artistic visions. Not only are students provided with the necessary technical, conceptual and professionals skills, they are also supported with excellent networking opportunities with industry professionals. The photography classes online are taught by active professionals who have been chosen for their expertise and achievements, as well as their working knowledge of contemporary trends in the industry. Students interested in the online photography programs at the Academy of Art University are recommended to use Mac computers; however, all photography classes can be completed on a Mac or PC computer.
  • The New York Institute of Photography offers three great online photography courses: Professional Photography, Photoshop for Photographers, and Fundamentals of Photography. NYIP’s Professional Photography Course teaches aspiring photographers everything they need to know about the art, technique, and business of photography. This online class is ideal those who want to become a freelance or professional photographer and those who want to learn new skills. NYIP’s Complete Course in Digital Photography: Photoshop for Photographers is designed to teach students the photo editing and post-production techniques used by professional photographers to improve their photos. Students will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Lightroom. The Fundamentals of Photography course teaches students how to get the best out of their digital camera, how to take good pictures and turn them into great photographs. This course is ideal for those who want to take better pictures as a hobby. Lessons include natural, available and artificial lighting, and the different types of lenses and how to use them.