Parenting Classes Online

Whether you’re a new parent or already have several kids under your care there’s no denying the fact that being a parent can be a challenging job. Parenting classes are now within your reach if and when you need them.

We’ve all heard it said that babies don’t come with a manual – and we often wish they did. We may have read all the books we could to prepare for our precious one’s arrival. But no matter the amount of preparation you feel you’ve done, from the moment they come into the world kicking and screaming, until the day they head off to college, get a job or get married, and all the moments in between, there will be times you’ll be left scratching your head at best, or screaming into a pillow in frustration at worst. Most of the time, parents just wing it, taking it one day at a time and hoping that somehow, their kids will turn out all right. However, there’s no reason for you to go it alone. As the old saying goes: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Many are lucky enough to have family and friends to turn to for parenting advice. There are tons of parenting resources that available these days to help new or flustered parents navigate the unpredictable and sometimes frustrating world of parenting. What’s more, you can take parenting classes online.

Online parenting classes aim to help men and women face the challenges they face as parents. With the help of these classes, parents are connected to other parents and experts from all over the world. These classes teach various parenting techniques that can help frazzled parents deal with their kids’ temperaments and characteristics effectively. Of course, just because one approach works well for one family doesn’t automatically mean it will work for others. It is important to go into these classes without expecting instant results. There are free parenting classes online which are helpful for families on a budget.

Choose an Online Parenting Program

  • was founded by Kathy Slattengren, M. Ed. in 2007 to meet the increasing demands of her popular, life-changing parenting classes. The parenting ideas which form the foundation of Priceless Parenting’s approach come from such experts as Dr. Alfred Adler (psychotherapist and founder of the school of individual psychology in the early 1900s), Dr. Mike Bradley (psychologist and author specializing in treating teens who are acting out), Dr. John Medina (brain researcher and author of Brain Rules for Babies), Dr. Jane Nelsen (founder of Positive Discipline), and more. Online parenting classes are available for various age groups: Parenting – Ages 5 and under; Parenting – Ages 6 to 12; Parenting – Ages 13 to 18; and Ready to Launch: Parenting Teens Through the College Transition.
  • offer Parenting Classes Online where parents learn positive parenting tips, simple tips to regain some peace in their home, and fun ways to increase compliance. Participants can look forward to hearing professionals speak and watching PowerPoint presentations instead of reading lengthy text materials. These online classes are available for immediate viewing and are accessible 24/7 using a computer and reliable Internet connection. Participants can choose from a variety of parenting courses: The Foundation of Love; Positive Discipline; More About Discipline: Keeping Cool When Your Kids Push Your Buttons (Anger Management); Preparing for the Teen Years; Teen Discipline; and, Tough Teen Issues.