Online College Classes for High School Students

There are many benefits to taking online college classes while you’re still in high school.

Online learning has become popular, not just with college students but also for those in high school. Online high schools are now available for families who prefer alternative education options, whatever their reasons may be for wanting them. But something that’s also gaining popularity these days is online college programs for high school students who want to earn college credit at the same time.

Of course, not all colleges and universities allow high school students to take college courses, but there are quite a few that do, and the key is to conduct your own research. Below are only some of the colleges and universities that offer online courses for college credit or dual credit opportunities for high school students:

  • Oregon State University Ecampus
  • The University of Texas at Austin – University Extension
  • Taylor University Online
  • Liberty University Online Academy
  • University of California Online
  • Montgomery College – Workforce Development & Continuing Education
  • Tompkins Cortland Community College (a College of the State University of New York)
  • Harvard Extension School

H3: Benefits of Taking Online College Classes in High School

Forward-thinking students who enroll in an online college course can enjoy the benefits that these kinds of programs offer. Some academic institutions offer free college courses online through dual credit programs which can mean big savings. This is especially helpful for most American families as postsecondary education continues to skyrocket. Even if a dual credit program isn’t available through your high school, you can still benefit from savings by enrolling in online college courses at your accredited local community college, which typically charge lower fees, and transferring the credits you earn to a four-year school later on.

In addition to spreading out the cost of your postsecondary education, taking college online classes in high school will help you graduate ahead of time. Busy high school students can take their college class online during the winter break, spring break or summer vacation. The great thing about virtual learning is that you can attend any time that is convenient for you. That’s why many students find time to fit a college course or two during their junior and senior years in high school. Doing this, it won’t be impossible to graduate from college in three years.

A student who successfully completes an online college course or two in high school will definitely impress admissions officials in colleges or universities that they apply to in the future. This reflects their readiness to be immersed in college-level work, especially if they get notable grades. There is a risk, however, if a student is unable to cope with the load of work that the college coursework will add to their high school requirements. If you fail your online college class, this will be reflected in your college transcript, so you have to make sure that you are 100 percent committed to the class before enrolling in it.