ESL Online Classes

Are you a non-native English speaker? Do you want to improve your English communication skills? There are many benefits in enrolling in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

There is an increasing need to communicate effectively with people of different cultures and nationalities in this highly globalized world we live in. Your educational achievements and professional skills will only be enhanced by developing communication and personal skills, especially if you live in an English-speaking country and are immersed in their culture and way of life. Learning English provides a variety of benefits:

  • It prepares students for their studies at college or university
  • It leads to opportunities in the workplace, such as promotions and higher salaries
  • It allows individuals to become more self-sufficient, enabling them to travel alone and communicate with other people
  • It helps people communicate their critical situations to medical personnel in case of emergencies
  • It allows individuals to participate in and become fully engaged with the community
  • It helps students do well in school and become involved in social activities

ESL classes help ease the transition for those who are non-native English speakers, whether they want to get ready for school or a job. Online ESL classes are even more helpful, allowing individuals to tailor the classes to their particular needs, whether they need help with conversational English or business English. Students are afforded a certain degree of anonymity which can help provide them with a sense of confidence in their ability. They do not have to feel embarrassed about not knowing words or sentence structures right away. The benefits of online education, particularly for those who want to learn to speak English, is that students can use English in real-life situations as they collaborate and communicate with their peers and instructors. It is even possible to look for free English classes online.

ESL Schools

  • is part of the eTeacher Group that has been around since 2001, and has since helped thousands of individuals from more than a hundred countries acquire a new language and graduate successfully. This online school makes it easy and fun to learn a new language from the comforts of home. Students participate in an online virtual classroom and learn from professional, certified English speaking instructors from New York and Los Angeles. eTeacher English takes pride in teaching students to speak English for business, academic or travel needs.
  • offers free online ESL classes that help students study English grammar and vocabulary in use. After each English class, students can access the English practice message boards to practice using their learned English grammar and vocabulary by communicating with other students from around the world. The free English classes are rated for difficulty: high beginner/low intermediate lessons – Level 1 and Level 2; intermediate lessons – Level 3; and, upper intermediate/advanced lessons – Level 4 and Level 5.
  • Oakland University offers Online ESL Courses through the ESL Center. The courses are ideal for students who are living in another country or those who would like the flexibility an online class offers. Taught by native speakers of English, the courses are designed to help students improve their grammar for writing as well as speaking. The classes will teach a variety of grammatical structures, some of which will be individualized based on a diagnostic test given during the first week of the online course.