Driver’s Ed Classes Online

Are you excited to get your driver’s license, but are not thrilled at the thought having to sit through drivers ed classes? One way to fulfill drivers ed requirements is taking online classes.

Every teenager gets excited at the prospect of earning the right to drive. However, before you can get a driver’s license, you need to learn to drive, and for that you need a learner’s permit. The first thing you need to do in order to obtain a learner’s permit is to attend drivers education classes. Before the Internet and online learning came to be, teenagers attended these classes, either as a high school elective, or from a private driving school. Going to these private classes were expensive; not only did parents need to pay for them, they also had to shuttle their teenagers to and from the class and driving practice. Today, you can actually take driver’s ed classes online.

There are numerous organizations that offer online drivers ed classes, but you need to be careful about making a selection. Take the time to conduct your research to make sure that you choose the best class that suits you and your needs. Check your state driving laws and verify which online driving schools are approved by your state. By doing this, you can avoid spending time and money on a drivers ed program only to find out later on that your state doesn’t recognize it. Your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles should also accept the driver education certificate that the online school issues to those who successfully complete their program.

Drivers ed online classes prepare students for written license and permit tests. It allows you to study materials at home, on your own schedule and at your own pace. There are also online classes designed for drivers who have received traffic citations that they would like to have dismissed, or people who would like to reduce their insurance premiums.

Some Popular Online Driving Schools

  • is a provider of online drivers ed classes geared towards teaching teenagers to be safe drivers before they even get behind the wheel. Students will be provided materials that will teach them all about the basics of driving, including the laws of the road, how to deal with different driving conditions, how to react in emergencies, the dangers of texting while driving and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The website’s online drivers ed courses are approved in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Indiana and Florida.
  • is one of the best suited websites for individuals who have been issued a traffic citation that they would like to dismiss, those who would like to reduce their insurance premiums, or those who would simply like to learn defensive driving. This popular online driving school allows students to enroll in the program and pay only if they are satisfied (except for Arizona residents). The defensive driving courses were written and developed by a consortium of legal and driving safety experts.
  • is an online traffic school that has been delivering expertly-designed defensive driving courses for over 10 years. It has earned several notable distinctions: A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau; AAA Automotive’s “Preferred Supplier” for online driving programs; and, more State approvals than any other provider.