CPR Classes Online

Do you need to learn CPR? While traditional classes in CPR are certainly an option, do you know that you can now learn how to do CPR through online classes?

What is CPR? It stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and is a procedure that is applied to patients who are suffering from cardiac arrests. This procedure must be applied immediately following a cardiac arrest to ensure the flow of oxygen to the brain, and so that the patient survives until they are brought to a medical facility for further treatment. CPR is also helpful for cases of choking and drowning.

Learning CPR is a must for medical professionals, whether they are paramedics, doctors, nurses, or nursing assistants. It is also a requirement for all day care employees to know CPR since they are caring for very young children. However, knowing how to do CPR can also be helpful even for people who do not work in the medical field. Often, emergencies that necessitate CPR occur outside of medical facilities, and it is the first few minutes following an incident that it is most crucial to perform CPR.

These days, it is possible to learn CPR from the comforts of your own home. CPR classes online are offered by various organizations as they recognize the need for flexibility. Most people these days juggle multiple responsibilities at a time, and their busy schedules won’t allow for on-site CPR training. Online CPR classes may include simulations and scenarios to test the students’ knowledge about the proper procedures in various situations. Some online CPR classes may only be partially online, and students may be required to go to a nearby facility for hands-on mannequin training.

Several training programs offer accredited online courses that can lead to CPR certification. It is important to determine which program is best for you. If you need CPR certification for a job, ask your employer what type of program they require, such as those offered by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. There are organizations that offer free online CPR training, where you will only need to pay for the certification card.

Online CPR Training

  • CPR Today (cprtoday.com) is a pioneer and leader in the distance learning field. It is the original provider of online Basic Life Support (BLS) training, and the certification provided by CPR Today is accepted by more places around the world than anyone else. All CPR Today editorial contributors, instructors, and Medical Advisory Board members are comprised of Board certified, practicing physicians with nearly 30 years of BLS/ACLS training experience among them. The online CPR course curricula is continually reviewed, updated and revised to provide clients with the most current, nationally-accepted guidelines. CPR Today meets International Guidelines Conference on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation standards. They offer courses that are easily navigated and self-contained lessons presented in a concise manner with minimal technical jargon and, whenever practical, accompanied by full-color, animated illustrations. Courses include Adult CPR, Adult/Pediatric CPR, Healthcare Provider, Comprehensive BLS, Basic First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens.

Other CPR Trainings Online:

  • OnlineAHA.org is the online CPR training arm of the American Heart Association. Most OnlineAHA CPR courses are blended learning requiring both online and hands-on components.
  • FirstAidWeb.com offers a unique self-guiding CPR course. It offers CPR certification upon successful completion of the course. All BLS procedures demonstrated in the free CPR course online adhere to the most recent American Red Cross and American Heart Association/ILCOR Guidelines (October 18, 2010).