Cosmetology Classes Online

Do you need continuing education credits in cosmetology? Online classes are now offered by several cosmetology schools.

There are very few things that cannot be done via the World Wide Web. Technological advances have made it possible to study online, whatever the subject matter may be. If you are a cosmetologist then you need continuing education credits to retain your license. The good news is you can look for online classes for cosmetology to fulfill them. These are offered by a number of institutions, but you may want to check if the programs you are interested in are approved by the state in which you live and work.

Online cosmetology courses can help you earn the continuing education credits you need and save you valuable time and money at the same time. Cosmetology continuing education classes online may be offered in one or more of the following subfields: manicure/pedicure/nail technician; esthetician; hair styling; hair coloring; make-up specialist; and, electrologist.

Working professionals can take advantage of classes provided by cosmetology online schools to conveniently earn the continuing education credits they need. As a cosmetologist, you can schedule your classes around your working hours. You won’t need to rush all the way to a brick and mortar school just to get to your class, and risk getting stuck in traffic in the process. You can take classes online from the comfort of your own home, or during a lull in your working day.

Online Cosmetology Schools

  • was created to give working professionals the chance to take online courses in order to attain their state-mandated continuing education hours that will enable them to renew their license. The online cosmetology courses are approved in multiple states. Participants need only to visit the website and choose the state where they live and work, as well as their desired course. They will then receive their course material. Upon completion, they must submit their online form and payment, after which they will receive their Certificate of Completion through their email.
  • The Association of Cosmetology Professionals now offers online continuing education for cosmetology licensees and nail licensees. Cosmetologists can take any two of the following courses: ACSP Hair Course 1 and 2; ACSP OSHA; Bloodborne Pathogens for Cosmetology; SC Cosmetology Rules and Regulations; Safety, Disinfection and Nail Art 1, 2 and 3. Nail licensees can choose any of the two following courses: Safety, Disinfection and Nail Art 1, 2 and 3, ACSP OSHA; Bloodborne Pathogens for Cosmetology; SC Cosmetology Rules and Regulations. Students may only take online classes for 6 of their 12 renewal hours, and take all 6 hours with the same provider. Additionally, online classes must be taken with providers approved by the SC State Board of Cosmetology.
  • Professional Continuing Education Services is a South Carolina state-accredited online solution to cosmetology continuing education for cosmetologists, nail technicians and estheticians. The interactive cosmetology courses have been specifically designed by experts to give students the most extensive online cosmetology training that will help them succeed.