AutoCAD Classes Online

Many designers and drafters use computer aided design programs or CAD programs. One of the most popular CAD systems is AutoCAD.

CAD software is used for numerous things. It is used to design apartment buildings, automobiles, furniture, tools, machinery, and even apparel. AutoCAD is one of the more popular computer aided design programs in the industry. You may want to consider learning AutoCAD if you have a passion for art and technology, so you can combine your knowledge and skills in both disciplines and turn it into a challenging and rewarding career. A number of online universities and colleges offer AutoCAD training. Depending on what you need and what you plan for the future, you may choose certificate or degree programs, or ones that simply allow you to learn valuable techniques that you can practice on your own.

Keep in mind that in order to successfully take online classes in AutoCAD you will need a reliable computer that can run the program and a stable Internet connection. Aside from having to acquire AutoCAD software, you can also expect to pay tuition fees in order to participate in online AutoCAD classes. However, if your budget restricts enrolling in paid programs, you may look for free AutoCAD training online. Alternately, you can also surf the Web to search for free AutoCAD tutorials.

You may choose from different AutoCAD trainings depending on what you want to specialize in architectural CAD, 3D modeling, mechanical CAD, electrical CAD, and so on.

AutoCAD Schools Online

  • Ashworth College offers a Career Diploma in AutoCAD. The online AutoCAD training course teaches students how use drawing aids, draw linear dimensions and create 3D images. Students who successfully graduate from the course may take the Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User Certification exam, delivered by Certiport, a division of Autodesk, Inc. Ashworth College gives students the flexibility and convenience of earning their diploma on their own terms – to start the program when they’re ready, study when and where it’s convenient, and get assistance whenever they need it. The program consists of 13 easy-to-follow AutoCAD lessons, each introducing a fundamental topic, followed by an in-depth instruction in its application in the real world. Students will learn important hands-on drafting concepts such as circles and drawing aids, object snap, isometric drawing, modeling, and templates, copies and arrays.
  • offers both instructor-led and self-paced online training in AutoCAD. Students can choose from General CAD courses, Architecture, Civil Survey and Manufacturing courses. CAD Training Online was the first Autodesk authorized online training center. CAD Training Online features AutoCAD training classes taught by Autodesk Certified Instructors. The online AutoCad courses include AutoCAD Introduction; AutoCAD 2013 Update; AutoCAD Advanced; AutoCAD Intermediate; AutoCAD 2011 Update; AutoCAD for Interior Designers; AutoCAD Mechanical Introduction; and, AutoCAD Electrical Introduction.
  • is approved by the State of California for Technology Certificates and by Autodesk for eLearning. All AutoCAD online courses are project-based. Instructors are practicing professionals in architectural, engineering, and/or construction firms, who have developed projects for the courses which are based on real-world architectural and engineering projects. The courses use Autodesk Official Training Courseware (textbook) to augment the lessons students learn in their projects. Some of the AutoCAD courses include AutoCAD Introduction; AutoCAD Intermediate; Construction Documents 1 and 2; Architectural Detailing; and, Project Management.