Art Classes Online

Do you have a passion and talent for art? Would you like to know more about it or improve your craft? Online art classes are now available from various academic institutions, museums and private organizations and individuals.

The number of subjects you can learn online has increased exponentially over the recent years. Now, students from all over the world can even learn about art and art history online, and they are not limited to one specific medium. There are online art classes in traditional art such as sketching, painting, as well as in new media such as computer animation. There are online courses in art for all age groups and experience level, whether you want to learn art as a hobbyist or become a professional artist.

Art classes online are beneficial for those who do not have sufficient resources, are housebound or are restricted by time and other obligations from entering traditional art classes. Instead of giving up your dreams, you can now take advantage of online education and use it to improve your skills in art. If your budget is limited and you cannot afford to enroll in paid classes, you can look for low-cost or free online art classes.

Art schools online can provide either real-time classes or classes that are available 24/7. Real-time art classes are instructor-led, and you need to be ‘present’ at the appointed schedule. Meanwhile, art classes that are always available are usually self-guided. You need to decide which type of online art class will benefit you the most depending on your level of experience and specific need.

Popular Online Art Classes

  • Jane Davenport ( offers some of the most popular online art classes by an individual. She is an artist in every sense of the word, starting off as a fashion illustrator. This evolved to textile designer and then to fashion designer. She discovered her love for photography and became a fashion catwalk regular in London and Paris. When she returned to her native Australia, she became fascinated with garden insects, ladybirds in particular, which resulted in her becoming known as the ‘Artomologist’. Jane opened her own gallery, The Institute of Cute, in 2007 and began teaching art classes both live and online shortly thereafter. Her major online art workshops include Draw Happy, specially created for people who say they can’t draw; Supplies Me, a Mixed Media workshop that builds upon drawing skills and knowledge of mixed media wherein students learn the basics of drawing a whimsical face and figure drawing; and I Heart Drawing, where students can learn to draw the female figure with ease and confidence.
  • Sotheby’s Institute of Art offers intensive, custom-curated courses through a clean, simple e-learning interface specially designed for its students. The online art courses are taught by leading experts in the field, and provide for a deep understanding of key concepts. Interaction with the students from around the world creates a truly global learning community. The interactive courses provide a learning experience that emerges from written responses to instructor-provided course materials. The academic structure of the art class allows students to participate in written discussions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some examples of the art courses offered online include Art as an Alternative Investment; Introduction to Art History: The Movements that Mattered; Introduction to Contemporary Art; and, Introduction to Modern Art.